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Scout camp | Banská Štiavnica

Scout camp

Hodrusa-Hamre is one of the oldest Scout campsites in Slovakia – an ideal base for scout expeditions and discovering nature and the historical monuments of the Stiavnica hills in the heart of Slovakia. There are a lot of opportunities for swiming in the lakes, hiking and extreme biking. Just 10 kilometres from the campsites is Banska Stiavnica – a Unesco World Heritage list town with a lot of museums and possibilities for sight-seeing.

The campsites are typical Slovak Scout bases, with „podsada" tents, cooking on a field cooker, a field canteen, open camp fires and field showers. The only permanent buildings are the toilets. The Scout base is quite large, so it offers more space for your own tents – the maximum capacity of both campsites together is about 120 visitors. Situated just two hundred metres from the lake, the campsites offer a lot of fun during hot summers. Discover the beauty of Slovak nature and the hospitality of Slovak Scouts!


Scout camp Hodruša
A. Pécha 2
Banská Štiavnica 969 01
Tel.: +421 905 382 885

Camp services

Each of both campsites contains:
field kitchen
gas cooker
camp meadow
big campfire
small campfire
cellar for food
non-drinkable water
podsada tents

There are 2 tee-pee tents in the area of the Upper campsite. There are also 2 showers and a washing center common for both campsites. We offer also a large tent "hangar", visitors can build it.


Searching for connection you can use slovak public transport web site (if there is no bus connection, it is because bus schedules for upcomming summer are usually published after mid of december)

The best connection by public transport from Bratislava is by bus or train to Žarnovica, where you have to change for local buses. Closest bus stop to campsite is called Hodruša-Hámre,,u Honvédov and it is on the line from Žarnovica to Banská Štiavnica. Bus drivers usually do not speak English so write the name of the stop on the paper. From this bus stop there is a path to the camp site, it takes 35 minutes.

By car you can go also from Bratislava to Žarnovica, where you have to leave highway and turn right in direction to Banská Štiavnica or Hodruša-Hámre respectively. Go through Hodruša-Hámre and when you pass the village follow the signs which lead you to Salamandra ski resort. Next to this hotel (on the bank of the second lake which you will pass) there stops the solid road and you have to go behind the hotel from the right and také the forest road which goes up and to the right. After 200 meters you are on the campsite.


Own tents: 5 € person/night
Podsada wooden tents: 6 € person/night

Minimal price: 100 € / night for a campsite.

Waste fee: 5 € for each unsorted 120 l bag.
Properly sorted waste is free.

In the case of voluntary project of visitors the price is made individually depending on the amount of served hours.